Middle School Dances

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Issaquah Parks & Recreation has been hosting Districtwide Middle School Dances since 1996. All youth, grades 6 to 8, are welcome!


  • Admission is $5 at the door
  • Photo ID is required; ASB card works best
  • All youth will pass through a metal detector upon entrance
  • Concessions and coat check are available
  • Youth are not allowed to leave the building until 10 p.m., unless a parent meets them in the lobby
  • Issaquah police officers are onsite during the dance
  • The staff/volunteer ratio goal is 1:25. Volunteers are always needed!

Dress Code

The Issaquah School District dress code applies at our dances as well.

  • Shirts must cover stomachs, backs and undergarments
  • Shorts, skirts and dresses must come to mid-thigh unless tights or leggings are worn underneath
  • No hats, bandanas or sunglasses
  • No clothing that promotes drug, alcohol, tobacco, violence, is sexually suggestive or displays inappropriate pictures or writing

Check out any upcoming dances here.