Facility Details

Accommodations / Capacity

Capacity: 350 people for events

PhotoRoomsRoom SizeCapacityHeat StatusCommon Room Uses
Hay BarnHay Barn3060 square feet
45 by 68.5 feet
  • Ceremony on wood and concrete: 350
  • Ceremony on wood floor only:252
  • Full reception with room for seating, dancing, bar and food lines: 160
No Heating
No Air Conditioning
Wedding ceremonies, business presentations, small receptions / celebrations, silent auctions and kid play area.
Dairy BarnDairy Barn6342 square feet
42.5 by 151 feet
  • Full reception with room for seating, dancing, bar and buffet: 350
  • Conference / Auction Seating: 350
  • Half ceremony and half reception: 250
Heated But
No Air Conditioning
Large wedding receptions, ceremony and reception combos, celebrations / parties, live auctions, banquets, trade shows, etc.
CourtyardCourtyard16 by 16 feet Gazebo
103 feet Aisle
  • Ceremony seating on grass: 350
  • Mingling / outdoor reception: 350
No Heating
No Air Conditioning
Large wedding receptions, ceremony and reception combos, celebrations / parties, live auctions, banquets, trade shows, etc.
LobbyLobby448 square feet
16 by 28 feet
30 people
Seating bench and activity center and table
No Heating
No Air Conditioning
Barn's main entry, sign-in tables, greeting area, gift tables and point of sale.
CreameryCreamery432 square feet
16 by 27 feet
8 to 12 people
(2) full commercial refrigerators, (1) 20 cubic feet chest freezer, (3) 6 foot tables, microwave, hand-washing sink, 3 basin rinsing sink, black curtain to close off the space from the Dairy Barn view, small outdoor barbecue space right outside creamery but barbecue must be self-provided by renter or caterer.
Heated But
No Air Conditioning
Catering prep space
Jersey RoomJersey
408 square feet
17 by 24 feet
25 people
(3) 6 foot tables, 1 large conference table eight chairs, private dressing area and 2 large wall mirrors and clothing rack.
Note: Room exits directly into Hay Barn / directly to parking lot near North end of Hay Barn
& Portable
Air Conditioner
Men's dressing room, coat / purse room, childcare, volunteer space and storage.
Holstein RoomHolstein Room408 square feet
17 by 24 feet
25 people
1 small conference table, 4 chairs, 2 stools, large well-lit countertop with mirrors for make-up and hair and clothing rack.
Note: Room exits directly into Hay Barn / directly into Courtyard near lobby entrance
& Portable Air Conditioner
Women's dressing room, coat / purse room, childcare, volunteer space and storage.

Note: Restrooms are located in the Hay Barn and they are heated, but not air conditioned.

Rental Dates

Choosing the right date for your event is important. One thing to keep in mind is that the City of Issaquah hosts the Issaquah Farmers Market on Saturdays during the summer. Find out how the Farmers Market may affect your rental.

Event Parking

The Pickering Barn parking lot south of the barn has a combined 145 parking stalls. Handicapped and carpool stalls are provided. Parking is complimentary.

ON WEEKEND EVENTS ONLY (Friday after 6 p.m. to Sunday) parking is available in the Upper Costco Corporate Employee Parking Garage directly south of the Pickering Farm site on Levels 1 & 2 of the garage. A request to use this parking must be placed with the Pickering Barn office and in turn approved by Costco Corporate. Please connect with Pickering Barn staff to get this process started.

Parking during any other time and on any other levels is prohibited unless approval is granted by Costco. Overnight parking in either lot is not permitted, including RV parking. There are two RV parks nearby who can assist you with this service.

Barn Staff Assistance  

Barn office representatives are available to assist you with the booking of the Pickering Barn and answer your facility-related questions throughout the planning process.  Site visits are available upon request and availability.

We do not, however, offer event planning services to assist you with the extended planning details of your event, such as catering, decorating, event logistics, purchasing, budgeting and creative detailing. There are several event planners in the area that can assist you with these services. Wedding planning websites such as Wedding Wire and The Knot list providers in your area. We also have a few experienced at our sites listed on our Vendors Services page.

We will always have a venue attendant on-site during the majority of your event. Think of our staff as custodial security. They will provide you facility access, monitor your set up, tear down, clean up and guest activity.   

Effective April 2022, our staff will no longer set up or tear down the venue tables and chairs.  That will now need to be done by you as a renter.   Our staff also do not decorate for you, greet your guests, cater or bartend, babysit unattended children, etc.  Our facility attendant will handle building issues, keep restrooms stocked and clean, sweep, vacuum and mop, take out garbage, conduct an end of event walkthrough and lock up the venue.   

Rental Equipment / Storage Information

Overnight, pre- and post-storage at the facility is unavailable unless requested and approved by the Pickering Barn.

Renters are responsible for all rental items brought into the facility or its grounds for the duration of the rental items stay. Renters are responsible for the set-up and take-down of all their rental items.

Unless approved and arranged, all items brought into the facility must exit the facility at the close of your contracted rental period. All items brought in for a rental event must be marked for identification purposes to ensure return. All rental equipment must arrive at the beginning of your rental for set-up and exit the facility at the end of your rental. During your event, supplies can be stored in either classroom, Jersey or Holstein.

Internet and Phone Access

The barn does offer wireless and wired Internet and phone line access. No access codes are needed. If you plan to plug-in to our Internet or phone connections with credit card machines, we suggest testing your technology with our system in advance.

Pickering Barn 

Heating & Cooling: Due to our structural architecture and our electrical limitations the Pickering Barn offers some but not all heating and cooling features. 

Hay Barn: No heating and No air conditioning. 2 wall mounted fans for cooling. Supplemental heating options available if interested.
Find details on Page 2 of Vendors Services.

Dairy Barn: Has a heating system but does not have air conditioning. 4 wall mounted fans for cooling. No supplemental cooling option is available. 

Dressing Rooms: Both have heating and portable air conditioning units.

Lobby: Heated, but no air conditioning.

Sign Code Ordinance

Sign permits are required. This is enforced by the City's code compliance officer. IMC Section 18.11.460 states:

  • A total of four off premise signs are allowed under the provisions of a signed Pickering Barn Use Agreement. Signs used both off-premise and on City property must meet the same requirements.
  • Signs must be A-frames.
  • Signs are not provided by the City.
  • No signs with stakes can be pounded into the ground.
  • A-frames must be no more than 6 feet square per face and 4 feet in height and non-illuminated.
  • Appearance of A-frame signs shall be maintained in an aesthetically good condition. Professional lettering and graphics in common typefaces on plywood are allowed. Handwritten A-frames, on cardboard or with irregular lettering, are prohibited.
  • No sign shall be placed on or above the public rights-of-way (this includes sidewalks and bicycle lanes) nor shall signs be allowed in the planting areas of traffic islands.
  • Approved locations for A-frames are as follows: I-90 off ramps, the corner of Northwest Sammamish Road and Southeast 56th Street, and the intersection of Southeast 56th Street and State Rate 900.
  • No signage can be placed on traffic islands.
  • A-frames shall not be located on sidewalks.
  • A-frames shall be located on private property; provided, however, where private property does not exist A-frames may be displayed on public rights of way upon receipt of a special use permit and payment of a special use permit fee(s).
  • A-frames are permitted on City property, including the grounds of Pickering Barn, provided that they shall not create a hazard to either pedestrians or motorists by blocking vision or movement of people or vehicles.
  • Signs are permitted during day of the event only and must be taken down immediately at the close of the event. For multi-day events, your signage must be removed at the close of each day and reset the next morning.
  • One banner may be attached to the entryway fence one day prior to your event (if it's closed to the public) or one week prior (if it's open to the public); however approval by facility coordinator must be received, as overlapping advertising cannot take place. No banners may be erected on any other part of the property including on entryway signage or attached to trees or the barn itself.

For signage outside of the above provisions, contact the City of Issaquah Permit Center at 425-837-3100.