Insurance & Permits


Insurance is required for most events. Proof of insurance must be supplied to the rental office before your event takes place. Please note that personal homeowner's insurance and alternative special-event policies are not accepted.

Self-Provided Insurance

For Corporations and Nonprofits

Corporations and registered organizations (profit and nonprofit) can supply a copy of their group's existing policy, which must include:

  1. Commercial Liability Insurance Certificate with:
    • City of Issaquah listed as additional insured
    • Coverage in the amount of $1 million per occurrence
    • Liquor liability included and indicated on the policy (if served)
  2. Separate additional insured endorsement

Purchased Insurance

For All Events

For all private events (and corporations or organizations that cannot supply an adequate existing policy), special event insurance can easily be obtained by purchasing a single event policy through the approved TULIP Program by the city's insurance provider – Washington Cities Insurance Authority.

The cost varies based on the event size and type, length of event and alcohol service. The following chart can be used to determine your cost, although you will need to discuss the specific charges with the rental office.

Insurance Rates

Prices can fluctuate from year to year per annual claims made. This is determined by the insurance agency. Over the last few years, the prices have remained about the same.

WCIA TULIP Insurance Instructions

Must purchase insurance at least one month prior to your event.


An approved policy will automatically be emailed to you within minutes of completing this online application. A copy will automatically be sent to our facility as well. There is no need for you to forward us a copy of your policy. Access to the program is only available online and payment must be by Visa or MasterCard.

Step 1: Confirm Venue

Enter the facility ID code for Pickering Barn, which is 0465-068.

Step 2: Event Details

Complete the event-related questions asked as they apply to your event.

  • Enter type of event in drop-down table
  • On the calendar provided, click one time on each calendar day you will be utilizing the facility.
  • Enter the name of your event.
  • When asked if you require liquor liability:
    • Select "Yes" if alcohol will be a cash bar at your event and/or you are charging tickets/admission fee (with this option additional permitting is required, so contact the office for more information prior to purchasing your insurance).
    • Select "No" if there will be no alcohol present at your event at no charge to your guests (hosted bar).
  • Enter your average daily attendance - very important for multi-day events!
  • When answering the questions on exhibitors, concessionaires and attractions, please enter 0.

Step 3: Get Your Quote

Click the "Quick Quote." If your insurance quote is different than the quote we estimated for you, please review your application. If you still have questions, do not complete the online purchase. Contact our rental office to discuss the discrepancy. Your event's duration, type, size and alcohol use affect the quote provided.

To complete the purchase, supply proper applicant / insured person information and event contact representative information. Insured person or organization name must match applicant name on our facility contract.

Step 4: Confirm

Carefully review your policy information.

Step 5: Summary

Carefully review the summary coverage.

Step 6: Make Payment

Enter credit card information requested to complete the purchase online.

In a matter of minutes (after credit card approval) an insurance certificate will be emailed to you and a copy of the certificate will also be emailed to our facility for our records. There is no need for you to forward a copy to us.

To obtain a complete copy of the policy with the terms, conditions and exclusions of the policy, you must contact TULIP at 1-800-507-8414 or by email.

Additional Liquor Permits

Private Events

Weddings, birthday parties and celebrations do not need a separate Banquet Permit through the liquor control board, but the alcohol must be free to your guests. You can only have a cash bar if your caterer is connected with a restaurant and has a current off-site catering endorsement allowing them to sell alcohol at a location other than their restaurant.

Corporate Events

To offer a hosted bar, these events are required to purchase a Banquet Permit through the liquor control board. You can only have a cash bar if your caterer is connected with a restaurant and has a current off-site catering endorsement allowing them to sell alcohol at a location other than their restaurant.

Nonprofit Events

To serve alcohol, you must purchase either a Banquet Permit (hosted alcohol and free event entrance to your guests) or Special Occasion License (cash bar and/or charged entrance), whichever is applicable.

Please discuss the requirements needed for your event prior to booking so you are aware of the additional permitting and fees that may apply. Detailed descriptions of these permits and how to apply for them will be provided to you by our office with your booking confirmation letter. if applicable to your event.

Business Licenses

City Business Licenses

If your organizing entity, or your individual participants, make over $3,000 a year at the event you are holding on City property (or elsewhere within the City limits throughout the year), your entity or the individual participants are required to have a City of Issaquah Business License, unless exempted by code. More information is available online. Anyone with questions can call the City of Issaquah Permit Office at 425-837-3116.

State Business Licenses

The State of Washington has different requirements for who needs a business license (which are different and may be in addition to a City of Issaquah license) and, if needed, each participant must have the correct license. The City reserves the right to ask to see any business license (or proof of exemption) at any time. To see if a business requires a State license, view the state's website.