Catering & Alcohol


We have an open-door catering policy, which allows you to bring in a caterer of your choice; however we do provide a list of experienced caterers (PDF).

All food must be prepared in a commercial kitchen, purchased from a commercial store or delivered from a restaurant. The manor does not provide a commercial kitchen however we offer a very accommodating preparation space in the kitchen and garage. The kitchen provide one standard refrigerator / freezer, one microwave, one hand washing sink, prepping countertops, one large prep table, garbage, compost & recycling cans. The garage offers one large prep table, four 6-foot prep tables, one hand washing sink, one full-size refrigerator, one full-size freezer, and garbage, compost and recycling cans. Potlucks are not allowed. All food service should be under the supervision of a licensed caterer. Catering supplies such as linens, plates, glasses and serving ware are typically provided by your caterer. Please be sure to discuss what they provide and the costs prior to contracting with a caterer. On-site cooking inside the facility is not allowed. Heating or warming is permitted, although equipment is not provided.

Baked-goods, such as cakes, pies, cookies, etc. are exempt from this rule, and can be self-provided.

Mobile food trucks can be hired to cater your event, but can only park in the following locations:

  • In the parking area (in back lot) directly across the driving bridge on the left side. Parking is available in either in the triangle area there, or in first parking spots
  • In first few parking spaces in the front lot (only the regular spaces, not handicap spaces), which can be reserved with cones

Outdoor grilling is permitted in front of the garage. Tarps must be draped to protect concrete and renter is responsible for proper cleanup. If the use of a pop-up tent is needed, it must be sandbagged to withstand heavy winds — no stakes allowed. Please do not place grills up against the building. Leftover grease is not to be poured in our landscaping beds or down our drains.

Bar Tending

All alcohol (beer and beer kegs, white / red wine, champagne and hard alcohol) is allowed at the Tibbetts Creek Manor.

All alcohol must be served by a licensed Class 12 bartender. Most caterers employ licensed bartenders and can often arrange the bar tending service for you.

No self-serve is allowed. Use of privately-provided alcohol, including flasks, is not allowed.

Open bottles of alcohol, usually wine, on the tables for self-pour service and decoration are also not allowed.

Service must end one hour prior to your rental end time. Event insurance may apply — please discuss the requirements and cost with the Rental Office. It is recommended to hire two bartenders per bar, so that as breaks are needed your bar does not have to close to your guests during breaks.

Expectations of Renters

Note: If you did not hire a caterer, then you will be responsible for the caterer's duties.


Unlocks the facility

Delivers and unloads event materials and supplies

Decorates the facility - indoor and outdoor

xxSets up all rental equipment brought in

Sets up our facility equipment - tables, chairs, staging, sound system, AV equipment, etc.

xPrepares catering and bar service area

Coordinates event activities and transitions
xxxMonitors guest and vendor activity

Moves, rearranges or removes facility equipment during your event if requested

xBuses tables
xEmpties garbage, recycling and composting bins

Hauls garbage to dumpsters and compost to compost bin

Keeps the restroom cleaned and stocked

Takes down decorations – indoor and outdoor

Tears down facility-owned tables and chairs after the event

xxTears down rental equipment

xxCleans up kitchen - sweeping, mopping, wiping down tables and microwave, clearing out fridge and freezer

Sweeps and mops the facility (excluding the kitchen)

Final restroom cleaning

Shuts windows and locks doors

Orders, sets up, manages and tears down heating units if need