Thank you for organizing a Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) party and training in Issaquah! Here's a step-by-step guide to help increase your neighborhood's participation:

Before the Party:

  • Select a time and date for your MYN party.
    • Evening and weekend parties often have the best attendance.
  • Select a location for your MYN party.
    • The party should be held at a household in your neighborhood to help with your planning efforts.
    • Looking to increase attendance? If there's a new or remodeled house in your neighborhood - see if the homeowners can host! Your neighbors may be excited to see what's new along their block.
  • Contact Brenda Bramwell, the City of Issaquah's emergency management coordinator at 425-837-3470. She can match you with a certified MYN trainer, who will come to your neighborhood party and facilitate a 90-minute training.
  • Walk door-to-door, explain the program and invite your neighbors. View an invitation (PDF) to download and print.
    • If you feel uncomfortable about visiting your neighbors' homes, try partnering with another neighbor who may know more people.
    • After inviting your neighbors in person, follow up with an email or phone call reminder!
  • Print enough copies for everyone of:

During the Party:

  • Have fun with your neighbors! Provide snacks and refreshments, or organize a potluck if you'd like.
  • Collect the neighborhood contact information sheets from each neighbor before they leave.

After the Party:

  • Compile the information from the neighborhood contact information sheets into this document (PDF) and redistribute to each neighbor to include with their handouts. These can be distributed via email to save time!
  • Plan to organize another MYN party a year from now.
    • Follow-up meetings are a great time to exercise your neighborhood's plan, and train new neighbors at the same time