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Posted on: September 13, 2023

Wild Geese and Mail Thefts in Issaquah

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The weekly crime blotter provides a local snapshot of crimes, arrests and other law enforcement activity in the City of Issaquah for the prior week. The blotter compiles incidents deemed noteworthy by IPD and does not include all calls, incidents or self-initiated activities handled by officers. To be respectful of privacy, exact addresses and victim/arrestee names are not included in this listing.

Call Highlights by Nature of Call

29 9-1-1 Problems (Emergencies)7 Disturbances15 Thefts
6 Accidents / 3 Hit and Runs3 DUI2 Unwanted Subjects
14 Agency Assists
12 Hazardous Roadways4 Vehicle Prowl
18 Citizen Assists34 Suspicious
8 Welfare Checks


IPD Weekly Crime Blotter

Call Type: Traffic Hazard (Return of the Gaggle of Geese)

Time/Date: 0752 09/11/23


Description: On 09/11/23, the commonly reported gaggle of geese returned to the streets “en masse”, with over 100 geese reported blocking the roads while eating fallen apples off Gilman Blvd. Officers responded and used sirens to “shoo” the geese back to the wetlands surrounding the creek. 

NOTE: The witness accounts show the group of geese blocking the road is growing weekly. They tend to come out to feast in the mornings before 8am so please be aware of this when planning your schedule. Alternatively, there are plenty of apples to pick if you would like to help discourage geese from congregating on the streets to eat. 

Call Type: Citizen Assist (Child locked in Car)

Time/Date: 2013, 09/12/23

Location: 1400 BLK NW GILMAN BLVD

Description: Around 2013 hrs, a worried parent called to report their 2-year-old child had accidentally locked themselves in the family vehicle and the keys were not on hand. An officer came and was able to unlock the vehicle for them and reunite the family. 

Call Type: Robbery In-Progress / Juvenile-Related

Time/Date: 0003, 09/13/23

Location: 1400 BLK HIGHLANDS DR NE

Description: On 09/13/23, an individual reported that a youth was witnessed attempting to steal multiple cases of beer from a local grocery. When the caller confronted the subject, they pulled out a hatchet on them before leaving in a red pick-up truck with 2 other subjects. Officers located the truck and attempted a stop but the vehicle fled into town before the multiple occupants ditched the vehicle and fled on foot. The suspects were described as possibly juvenile males. With assistance from K-9 officers from County, and a drone, officers were able to locate and detain all three subjects involved in the robbery. Two subjects, legally adults, were arrested on investigation for Theft in the 3rd Degree and booked into the Issaquah Jail while one juvenile was arrested on investigation for Robbery in the 1st Degree and transported to the King County Youth Detention Center. 

Call Type: Theft In-Progress

Time/Date: 2227, 09/13/23

Location: 1100 BLK 7TH AVE NW

Description: Around 2227 hrs, a caller reported two males in their 20’s were seen taking packages out of a local housing mailroom. They were witnessed getting into a vehicle in a neighboring business parking lot. When officers arrived, they found the two males walking around near a bridge. Officers detained both subjects and observed the stolen packages in their vehicle. It was also discovered that one subject had a firearm on them and the other had tossed another gun by the bridge. Both weapons were safely confiscated and both subjects were arrested on investigation of theft in the 3rd Degree, among other charges and transported to the King County Jail. Additionally, all packages were eventually returned to residents.   


Call Type: Driving Under the Influence (DUI) / Reckless Driving

Time/Date: 2109, 09/14/23


Description: On 09/14/23, an individual was reportedly witnessed driving erratically and driving over curbs and on 3 wheels only. They were additionally reported to have been driving at night without lights on. When officers caught up to the driver, they were in fact driving without lights and matched a former reckless driving report that came in earlier. After further investigation, it was determined the driver was not able to safely operate their vehicle and was arrested on investigation of Driving Under the Influence and booked at the Issaquah City Jail.

NOTE: DUI’s are more common than many would think. Please do not drink and drive, no matter the time of day. Avoid alcohol completely if you are driving as even ‘just one drink’ could put you over the limit. If you’re going to consume alcohol, have a designated driver or call for a ride. Not only is this safe for you, but for the community as well.

Call Type: Theft Report (Multiple Shoplifts)

Time/Date: Throughout day, 09/15/23

Location: Issaquah Commons Area

Description: On 09/15/23, there were multiple shoplifts reported. In several of these cases, officers were able to locate subjects witnessed concealing items and leaving stores based on the suspect descriptions given. After further review, the suspects in these cases were arrested on investigation of Theft in the 3rd Degree. 

NOTE: Shoplifting is one of the most common crimes in Issaquah. If you see something, say something! Let a store employee know what you saw and encourage them to call police. Not all stores have policies allowing them to call police but if they do, IPD can send officers to assist in the apprehension of stolen merchandise. 

Call Type: Welfare Check (Mental/Behavioral Health)

Time/Date: 2156, 09/16/23

Location: 1800 BLK 10TH AVE NW

Description: On 09/16/23, a local resident called to report a female was seen laying in the road, awake and breathing, blocking traffic with her dog. Dispatch advised two good Samaritans used their vehicles to block traffic to stop her from being hit. Officers arrived to find the female was in a mental health crisis and stated she would not leave the road until a friend of hers paid her money she felt she was owed. The female was advised to leave the street and refused. Both the officer and the female were very nearly hit by another vehicle that chose not to yield to the emergency lights of the police vehicles. The female was escorted to the side of the street so that officers could respond to the vehicle that nearly struck them when the female turned around and struck her dog and threw it to the ground. Following this, officers arrested her for Animal Cruelty in the 2nd Degree. The dog was checked for injury and given to a friend of the subject to watch.

NOTE: While having traffic blocked off is frustrating, if emergency lights are on and the street is blocked by multiple police vehicles, you MUST yield the roadway. This presents a safety risk for both first responders and the individuals they are tending to. Secondly, our officers take animal cruelty very seriously as well. You cannot inflict unnecessary harm/ pain or suffering on an animal, even if it is your own. 


Source: Calls for Service records for 09/11/23 - 09/17/23, Spillman Dispatch System, Issaquah Police Department (IPD).

Previous Blotters are available on the Blotter feed. 

For more police-related data and statistics, please visit the IPD Data Page!


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