What if I want a tree removed from a City ROW or public property?
The City of Issaquah will remove hazard and nuisance trees from city rights of way and public properties if a tree’s hazard risk (or nuisance potential) is confirmed by a City or other ISA certified arborist. Once a tree has been confirmed as needing to be removed – or altered to eliminate hazard risk – the City’s public work operations department prioritizes tree removal actions based on the degree of associated risk. Thus, trees which have a high degree of associated risk are slated for removal first and trees causing a minor nuisance may be placed at the end of a prioritized list. If a resident wants to personally take responsibility for removing a ROW or other public tree that has been approved for removal, the public works operations department may allow residents to pay for and conduct the removal on public property. To request review of presumed hazard or nuisance tree located on City property please call 425-837-3100.

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