Who is Alarm Tracking and Billing Services (ATB)?
The City of Issaquah has contracted with ATB Services, which is located in Colorado, to administer its false alarm reduction program.

You may receive information from ATB Services with the Issaquah Police Department logo, but the ATB Services address and telephone number. That's OK - it is legitimate communication about Issaquah’s program.

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1. What can I do to prevent false alarms?
2. Who is Alarm Tracking and Billing Services (ATB)?
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4. Why does the City have a false alarm reduction program?
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6. What is considered a false alarm?
7. Who is required to register their alarms?
8. How do I register my existing alarm?
9. How long does the permit last?
10. What are the fines for a false alarm?
11. Can I appeal the fines?
12. What if I cancel the false alarm?
13. What if I have only had one false alarm?
14. When may police not respond to my alarm?
15. What is Enhanced Call Verification and Burglar Alarm Confirmation?