Do I need a permit to prune a tree?
You do not need a permit from the City to prune trees provided they are done following accepted industry pruning standards. If pruning requires working in the public Right-of-Way, contact the Permit Center to determine if traffic or pedestrian controls/permit is required.

Specifically this city code addresses pruning:

18.12.140 Landscape standards and specifications.
J. Tree Pruning:
1. All pruning shall be done to the most recent National Arborist Association Standards: ANSI Z133.1 (2001) for safety factors and Z300 (part 1) for pruning. It is recommended that all pruning be done to Class I (Fine Pruning), Class II (Standard Pruning), or Class III (Hazard Pruning) standards. Class IV (Crown Reduction Pruning) shall only be done for the following reasons:
a. Branches interfering with utility lines. (See FAQ regarding trees in utility lines)
b. Significant crown die-back has occurred.
c. Storm damage or prior incorrect pruning requires correction.
2. In no case is topping (the severe reduction of branches without consideration of the specifications for cutting back) allowed.
3. No more than twenty-five (25) percent of the total canopy may be removed unless approved by the City’s Horticulturist.

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