What does it mean that the City of Issaquah is LEED Gold certified and how does it impact your business?

Issaquah has a long history of environmental stewardship – protecting the ecosystems, habitats and wildlife that we value most. In 2021, the City of Issaquah developed the Issaquah Climate Action Plan to identify a pathway to achieve bold and ambitious targets that reduce our impact on the environment. This work is done in the following ways: 

  • Leading by example by improving the sustainability of City operations.
  • Advocating for support and change at the county, state, and federal levels and with local utilities; and
  • Supporting sustainability practices of residents and businesses in Issaquah.

As a LEED Gold certified City, Issaquah is committed to tracking and reporting the sustainability performance of our community while seeking opportunities for improvement.   As part of this certification, we are tracking a range of sustainability topics such as: 

  • Greenhouse gas emissions
  • Water use
  • Waste diversion (how much goes to the landfill vs compost/recycling)
  • Community quality of life
  • Our natural environment
  • Energy management
  • Environmental protection
  • Sustainable buildings
  • And many more!

Achieving LEED Gold certification means that Issaquah reached the second highest certification level available based on performance across 9 different categories. 

Since these categories look at our sustainability performance across the Issaquah community, YOUR business played a role in helping us achieve LEED Gold Certification. Our hope is that Issaquah businesses embrace this LEED certification, resulting in a robust Issaquah economy that continues to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability. 

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3. What does it mean that the City of Issaquah is LEED Gold certified and how does it impact your business?
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