How do I get to the streatery?

All people who want to walk or ride a bicycle are encouraged to do so to access any business within the streatery. Front Street and a portion of Alder Place will be closed to vehicle traffic but a 20 foot path will be provided down the middle of the roadways to allow people to access any business in downtown. Additional bike parking will also be available to provide more options to access the variety of downtown businesses.

If you choose to drive your vehicle to Downtown Issaquah, please note parking will be limited. Please see the downtown parking map to view available options.

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1. Do I need to wear a face mask to access downtown businesses within the streatery?
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3. Can people with mobility challenges, like wheelchairs, access the streatery?
4. I’m not downtown, can I propose a streatery for myself and my neighborhood businesses?
5. How do I get to the streatery?