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2024 Arts Grant Application


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  • Welcome

    1. Overview

      The City of Issaquah seeks proposals for the 2024 Issaquah Arts Grant Program. 

      Issaquah Arts Grants support projects and programs that benefit Issaquah residents and visitors by cultivating a creative and vibrant arts community; providing meaningful arts engagement opportunities for all ages and abilities; supporting local arts and cultural organizations and artists; and celebrating the community’s cultural diversity. 

      The Issaquah Arts Grant Program will accept applications in multiple funding categories for 2024. Applicants may submit only one application in one category.

      Arts Partnerships

      General support for Issaquah-based nonprofit arts organizations that have arts and culture as the singular focus of their mission. These grants acknowledge the benefits of thriving arts organizations as part of a healthy, vibrant community and support their sustainability through operating support. Arts Partnership requests may be up to 10% of an organization’s annual operating budget, but no greater than $35,000.

      Arts Projects

      Project support to organizations, informal groups or individual artists to deliver an arts or cultural project or event to benefit Issaquah residents and visitors. Due to limited funding in 2024, arts project grant requests should not exceed $5,000.

      Arts in the Schools

      Not currently accepting applications. Application will be released in Spring 2024, to fund projects for the 2024-25 school year.

    2. Eligibility

      Arts Partnerships

      Any nonprofit arts organization, based in Issaquah, WA that has arts and culture as the singular focus of its mission. Organizations awarded funding will be required to show proof of an active City of Issaquah business license and be in good standing with the Washington Secretary of State.

      Arts Projects

      Any group or individual offering cultural arts programming that has a clear community benefit for Issaquah, WA, in 2024. Applicants do not need to have an arts-based mission. Please note, only projects that are delivered within Issaquah city limits are eligible for funding. Individuals and groups awarded funding will be required to obtain a City of Issaquah business license.

    3. Selection Criteria

      (1) Public Benefit: Project/program includes meaningful efforts to create community participation in arts and culture and reach diverse audiences in Issaquah.

      (2) Artistic Value: Project/program is well-conceived, compelling, has art as the primary component and promotes meaningful arts engagement.

      (3) Feasibility and Managerial Capacity: The applicant has demonstrated ability to produce the project/program and capacity to manage grant funds (may be based on past management of Issaquah arts grants or other city contracts). The project/program has a clear and realistic budget. There is evidence of community involvement and support. 

      Projects, subjects and works that reflect Issaquah's richly diverse cultural communities are highly encouraged to apply.

      Additionally, the Arts Grant Program encourages creative efforts to provide virtual and digital experiences as a part of artistic projects. Documentary materials such as audio and video interviews with artists and performers, time lapse photography of an installation, music recordings, context on the creation of the work, and efforts towards recording, streaming and distributing live performances allows the City of Issaquah to provide greater access to local arts. Through these means we can include more people regardless of location or the time in which they choose to participate, and for years to come.

    4. Timeline

      Timeline for Arts Partnerships and Arts Projects Applications:

      • Monday, October 16, 2023: Applications Released
      • Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 5 p.m.: Applications due
      • January 2024: Funding Recommendations at City Council
    5. Questions?

      We are here to help with your application and happy to talk through your proposal. Contact Arts Program Administrator Amy Dukes at