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Talus Updates
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Parcel 9 
Starting in late November 2015, movement was detected in the Parcel 9 hillside (see map of the approximate location).

With safety as the top priority, immediate mitigation measures were taken to address the movement, including removing dirt from the site and installing dewatering wells. All construction activities have stopped, except for work to monitor the site regularly, ensure safety, manage stormwater and make repairs. 

There are currently three wall systems that have been installed by the property owner on Parcel 9. The developer proposes to construct two additional walls. The City's Development Services Department is prioritizing review of these two walls to ensure permits are issued by this summer, with construction of the walls starting soon after.   
Meanwhile, the City filed a $2.88 million claim against the property owner of Parcel 9 for the damages and costs incurred by the City related to the hillside movement. The City, contractor and property owner are currently pursuing mediation to see if litigation can be avoided. 

End of the Development Agreement 
The City Council voted (see videoto end the Talus Development Agreement, as well as adopt replacement regulations, in 2018.

Both Talus and Issaquah Highlands had contracts (called development agreements) with the City that dictated the rules and entitlements associated with each neighborhood for a specific time period. Both agreements could have been terminated starting in 2017.    

In developing replacement regulations, Issaquah’s goal was to keep the existing character of each urban village, and make future land use rules more consistent with the rest of the city.

Citing goals to reflect the community’s vision for Talus, council members unanimously voted to apply single-family zoning to Parcel 9, which is located near Northwest Talus Drive and Shangri-la Way Northwest.

This zoning will allow the 90 residences assigned to Parcel 9 to only be used for single-family development, either as attached residences (such as townhouses), or detached homes. 

In addition, the replacement regulations retain the solely commercial use of Parcel 17B, which is the unbuilt parcel below Timber Ridge. However, the Parcel 17B property owner, Trimet, has sold the property to Issaquah School District for the development of a middle school.

Examples of other approved replacement regulations include:
  • Retaining the 100-foot buffer along state Route 900.
  • Retaining the residential parking standards.
  • Requiring some structured parking for certain types of development.
  • Ensuring non-residential properties are used efficiently, with a minimum floor area ratio of 1.0.

For more information about the end of the development agreements, go to