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South Cove / Greenwood Point
Update: South Cove/Greenwood Point Water Bills
Sept. 22, 2017

We recently completed the final step in annexing your neighborhood into the City of Issaquah – and now provide your water and sewer service, instead of the City of Bellevue. While your water source remains the same, Issaquah now manages your accounts, maintains the system and is replacing old water meters. 

Summer Bills
Before this transition, we sent you a letter stating that Issaquah and Bellevue rates are very similar for average water/sewer users.

However, many of our new South Cove and Greenwood Point customers reported unusually-high water bills during this extra-hot summer. We investigated this issue, and to date, have found no meters that are reading incorrectly in your area.

The City should have anticipated that some customers in your neighborhood are above-average water users, and provided clarity on our rate structure, which incentivizes conservation. Bellevue recently provided Issaquah with historic usage data from your neighborhood, which has been helpful during this review.

Comparison of Example Bills
Here’s an example comparison of 2017 costs for Issaquah and Bellevue customers, depending on the number of CCFs used.

While Issaquah’s single-family residential rates (for a typical 3/4-inch meter size) are less expensive when compared to Bellevue’s for average water consumption, Issaquah’s rates start to become more expensive once customers use 19 CCFs or more. A full description of our rates is available online.

We apologize for this issue, and will offer payment plans for those who request it. In addition, penalty fees are not assessed until 30 days past the due date. We’re here to answer your questions, and investigate bills if you have further questions. Please call us at 425-837-3070.

More information about water conservation is also available online