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 City Limits
Not all postal addresses of "Issaquah, WA" are actually within the City of Issaquah's jurisdiction. Specifically, the neighborhoods of Klahanie and Mirrormont are not. You may verify your property is within the City of Issaquah in a couple ways:

Check the City of Issaquah Limits Map
The dotted lines on the map to the right indicate the city limits.

Check the King County Parcel Viewer
  1. Visit King County Parcel Viewer
  2. Search for the property either by Address or Parcel Number
  3. Clicking on the parcel should list the Jurisdiction
Zoning Map
Zoning Map

Zoning may be found using the current zoning map.

Setbacks and Impervious Surface
IMC 18.07 contains the District Standards Table, which has pertinent information on setbacks and impervious surface based on your zoning in the greater Issaquah area. Please contact the Permit Center for properties in an Urban Village.

Property Lines
In newer platted areas you may find buried corner markers; look for a piece of re-bar in the ground. The Permit Center or King County may have plat maps to assist you in finding your property lines and/or dimensions. Please be aware that ultimately it is up to the property owner to verify property line locations which may require a professional survey.

Water, Sewer and Stormwater Service Areas
Visit the Water, Sewer and Stormwater Service Areas page for more information.

Water Pressure / Fire Flow
Information on water pressure and fire flows within the City's water utility service area can be obtained by contacting Public Works Engineering at 425-837-3400.

For areas outside of the City's water utility service area, contact the Sammamish Plateau Water and Sewer District or the City of Bellevue (see the water service area map for areas served by those agencies).

Snow and Wind Load / Speeds
For information on Snow Loads and Wind Speeds for construction purposes, please contact Jose Pacheco, Structural Plans Examiner, at 425-837-3114.

Permitting Activity
Recent building permit activity may be found by searching Please contact the Permit Center for land use application status or for archived files.

Permitted Land Uses
The Permitted Land Uses Table may be found in IMC 18.06.130 (Not applicable to Urban Villages).

Property Sales and Tax History
Property sales and tax history is maintained by King County. To find your property's history:

  1. Visit King County Parcel Viewer
  2. Search for the property either by Address or Parcel Number
  3. Click on the parcel to bring up the basic information bubble
  4. Click on Property Report
  5. From here you can view tax and sales history